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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2020   
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TKR Malaysia Consultation Window
Regarding to PWB Insertion & Assembly and Various kinds of Mechanism Unit Assembly.
TKR Malaysia   Sales Div.   
Contact: Mr Nobuyoshi Marumo
Tel:  60-6-3515550
Fax: 60-6-3515557
Email: nmarumo@tkr.co.jp
TKR Precision Consultation Window
Regarding to Stamping & Assembly Products:
TKR Precision Factory Manager
Contact: Mr Hew.N.L
Tel:  60-7-6524000
Fax: 60-7-6524001
Email: hew@tkr.com.my
TKR Head Office Consultation Window
Sales Department:
TKR Corporation
Contact: Mr Takashi Yamamoto
Tel:  81-3-3756-8001
Fax: 81-3-3756-8026
Email: tyamamoto@tkr.co.jp
*Although the consultation window is fix in each offices but if have any inquiry please consult to the nearest office.
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