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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2020   
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Introducing Products that is deal in our company 3 factories in South East Asia Region.
Various kind of Precision Stamping Process
As producing parts for car stereo & parts for various kinds of mechanism unit has been the main business for TKR, the technology to design and technology to produce already established based on long experience in this business. 
This Factory ability is not only stamping products but for the other process such as silk printing is also available to meet with customer request.

Production Factory =  TKR Precision

Various kinds of Plastic Mold 
Producing Plastic Product of Tray, Frame & Worm Gear etc., that is used in the Loading Mecha of DVD-RW for Desktop Computer. 
This Factory also have machine which can produce small precision parts and Outsert parts.

Production Factory = TKR Malaysia

PWB Insertion & Assembly 
Able to mount chip size 1005~I/C, Odd-shaped Component. Able to mount Axial & Radial parts with Pitch 7.5. also able to use unleaded solder in the production. 
The present production items are Car Stereo PWB, Main PWB of Air conditioner, PWB of DVD etc., for our factory internal production. Also, carried out the order production of External sales parts of single PWB assembly.

Production Factory = TKR Malaysia

Production of Car Stereo Finished Goods (OEM Model & Consignment) 
TKR Head Office Sales Dept. receives order and the Product Development will prepare the necessary item before start production in TKR Malaysia.Although parts sourcing carried out in the local area, but for Stamping, Plastic, PWB assembly is produce by TKR factories in South East Asia Region (3factories),this production system is being established as TKR Group.

Products Development = TKR Head Office
Production Factory = TKR Malaysia
Various kinds of Mechanism Unit Assembly 
Stamping parts, Plastic products, Switch products & PWB which produced in each factory is assemble to make complete set in this factory. Able to cope with small production quantity from OA Unit, and with big quantity of AV Unit. In respond to the customer request, 3 TKR Factories in South East Asia Region are able to produce products using various kinds of switch produce at TKR China Factory.

Production Factory = TKR Precision & TKR Malaysia
* All the factory in South East Asia Region carry out from Material Sourcing ~ Production ~ Inspection ~ Shipment and has established a consistent Production System internally. Also, we are able to cope with Consignment Production.
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